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Out the Gap

Mar 19, 2023

Life in the Furrows-a day spent turning the sod.

On a hardy Winter's day join us for a day meeting competitors from around the country as they compete in a ploughing competition on the Tipperary/Offaly border.

We meet male and female competitors aswell as some of the vountary organisers that run the whole thing and find...

Feb 5, 2023

A dog's life in the uplands.

On a beautiful Winter's day in the Glenasmole valley we meet Donie Anderson and his trusted team of Border Collies.

Hear about how life in the Dublin hills. Meet the hardy sheep and the even hardier people who have shaped this landscape. We find out from Donie how farmers in this region are...

Dec 7, 2022

From Cow to Cone!

The story of Muckross Creamery.

On a Winter's day in county Kerry in the southwest of Ireland, hear all about the Fleming family and their wonderful ice cream.

We visit the cows themselves and chat amongst them and we check out the milking facilities aswell as the creamery where the end product is...

Sep 11, 2022

It's a family affair!

What makes the rural agricultural shows such an institution? Why it's the people of course!

Join Noel on a day spent at Dualla showgrounds for the annual Dualla Show. We meet many of the people who make these events so special, from children showing livestock, to their parents aswell as the judges...

Jul 30, 2022

Born to a farm in the midlands of Ireland in 1936, Séamus Dooley had to grow up fast. His father passed away when he was only twelve, leaving his mother and a young family behind.

Hear about his mother and what a strong and determined woman she was.

We get a glimpse into the varied life so far which Séamus has had,...