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Out the Gap

Jun 12, 2023

The Long Draw-life as an agricultural contractor. On a lovely Summer's day Noel catches up with John Drennan of 'Drennan Agri' as himself and his crew are harvesting grass in the midlands of Ireland. It is obvious from our chat that despite many challenges John loves what he does. John has been immersed in contracting for decades, providing a variety of services to farmers in his region. We hear how he started out as well as how things have changed and also of the many challenges facing agri contractors currently. We also chat to Karol Duignan, president of the FTMTA(Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association) who joins us in the field for a quick chat. Email; Facebook; Out the Gap podcast Twitter; @OuttheGapPodca1 Insta; @outthegappodcast